Stay Seated

Offices, meeting rooms, dining areas and canteens are often organised in a very efficient way to accommodate a high number of people.


However, this set-up is often not in accordance with now ruling social distancing guidelines.


The STAY SEATED section offers therefore a selection of furniture that can be rented to organise a room as a temporary office, dining area, meeting room, waiting area, classroom or other sort of room to meet the social distancing requirements.


For the complete scale of furniture and other equipment, please go to

Stay Seated Lunch Area

To comply with the social distancing guidelines, companies will have to provide a spacious dining area where employees can keep their distance from each other. These visuals allow you to have an idea about possible setups that we could arrange in a tent: furniture, fridges and even a pop-up kitchenette can all be integrated. 


Stay Seated Desk

Stay Alert offers single desks for students to attend classes or exams safely. This piece of furniture is made out of hard recyclable cardboard.


Stay Seated Dressing Rooms 

Existing dressing rooms in sports clubs, companies and schools for example are often too small in regards to the required social distancing rules. That’s why this pop-up dressing room offers the perfect solution: it is built in a tent with a large surface so that the users of it can easily follow the social distancing rules.



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