Stay Informed

This Stay Informed section offers a broad scale of visual information carriers to inform your employees, clients, suppliers or visitors about the recent measures taken by the government or the internal company guidelines.


Every information board can come with standard Stay Alert content, but can also be personalised to your business’ needs.


This way people can take into account the guidelines that are in force. These ready-to-use products are delivered at your company.

SI-1 Floor sticker

These floor stickers can contain standard Stay Alert content or can contain your personalised content.


It is ideal to use them where queues have to be formed to promote social distancing.


All sizes are available on request.



SI-2 Table Holder

This A4 or A3 table holder can be put on a desk, a counter, a conference table, …


Stay Alert can provide it with standard content and visuals, but you can also put your own printed paper in A4 or A3 format in it.


This table holder can be used single-sided or double-sided.

SI-3 Click frame

It is easy to put your own A4 or A3 paper sheet into this click frame.


They are best to be put against a wall.


SI-4 Stand-alone click frame holder

It is easy to put your own A4 or A3 sheet into this click frame.


This one’s use is perfect for queues, for passages, for entrances or exits, …



SI-5 Rollup banner

This rollup banner can contain standard Stay Alert content, but can also be personalised with your own content.

Dimensions: height is always 200cm, while width can vary: 85cm, 100cm, 120cm, 150cm

SI-6 X-banner

This banner can contain standard Stay Alert content or can contain your own personalised content. If you order this product, it comes with a carrier bag and it is very easy to set up

Dimensions: 180cm H x 60cm W



SI-7 Solid stand-alone banner

These solid stand-alone banners are ideal to attract attention and are not expensive. The content can easily be adapted. It is perfect to put it at the entrance of your store to indicate the maximum number of admitted customers in your store for example

Dimensions: A0 (118.9cm H x 84.1cm W) or A1 (84.1cm H x 59.4cm W)


SI-8 Pop-up front desk

This pop-up front desk comes with a magnetic visual and will be delivered in a protective box.




SI-9 HighEnd balie

Our high-end front desk is very light, easy to put together and offers storage space.


It comes with our standard content or with your personalised content.

Dimensions: 98.5cm H x 100cm W

SI-10 Counter

Stores can only admit one customer per 10 square metres.

StayAlert provide an easy-to-count-solution.

The application & high end camera's counts incoming and outgeoing


The second part of the screen can be used for commercial video's or 

other information. 


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