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For this STAY CONNECTED section, Stay Alert has a partnership with VIEWBOX to offer a cosy pop-up visitor room for nursing homes, residential care centers, hospitals, institutions, offices, industrie and many more.

Stay Connect Social

This unit (6m L x 3m W) should stop social isolation. It is furnished with various pieces of furniture to make cosy family meetings possible outside the nursing homes, residential care centers or hospitals, because the risk of bringing viruses into these institutions is too big if all the family members would gather inside the institution itself.


Only materials that can quickly and easily be disinfected are used.


The option exists to expand this unit with an outdoor patio, a hand sanitizer device and or a temperature measurement device.


Stay Connect Meeting Units

This unit (6m L x 3m W) can be organised as a meeting room to allow 8 people in one meeting. One long table or several small individual tables are included in this unit to comply with the social distancing rules.


This room can also be equipped with a coffee machine, a flipchart, a television, internet and so on.


Stay Connect Meeting Tents

Existing meeting rooms can become to small because of the now ruling social distancing guidelines. This solution gives you the possibility to create a temporary and more spacious meeting room in a tent. The dimensions, the furniture, the decoration are all made to your request in order to obtain a functional meeting room.

The tent can be divided into several rooms thanks to partition walls. We can arrange these rooms for you with air conditioning, furniture, coffee machines, fridges, television screens, flipcharts and other necessary meeting equipment; whatever you need in your meeting room.

Have a look at a few visuals already. 



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