Stay Clean

Washing your hands regularly is still the number one advice in the measures taken to fight the expansion of the coronavirus.


STAY CLEAN therefore offers several temporary solutions to follow these guidelines everywhere and at any time.


These pop-up devices contain information, instructions and pictograms about keeping distance and washing your hands in a correct manner.

So, they fit everywhere you want: think about shopping streets, dining areas, company entrances and exits, stores, office buildings, …


They can be used as stand alones, but they always need a water supply and drainage connection.

SCL-1 Single Handwash

This stainless steel wash basin consists of a sink, a tap with foot pedal, a wastepaper basket, a tissue holder and a soap or hand sanitizer dispenser.


Thanks to the foot control system, people are able to wash their hands without touching the device.


This wash basin needs a water supply and drainage connection.


SCL-2 Face Shield

This face shield makes sure that the person wearing it is protected from liquids and splashes. It is equipped with an adjustable and detachable headband. The headband can easily be cleaned by putting it into boiling water. The screen has a remarkable vision quality and is easy to disinfect. Once the headband is set to the correct size, it can easily be put on with one hand. 

Screen material: rigid cellulose acetate - 1.15mm thick 

Headband material: silicone



SCL-3 Triple handwash  

These modern high-end wash basins can be completely personalised.


They include sustainable LED lights, a built-in soap dispenser and tissue holder.


This wash basin needs a water supply and drainage connection.

SCL-8 Public Handwash 

This wash basin can be used on both sides, contains 8 taps, does not take up much space and is easy to install and to expand.


Different models can be connected to each other.

Soap dispensers, tissue holders and wastepaper baskets can be included.


This wash basin needs a water supply and drainage connection. This type of wash basin is very suitable to be placed in shopping streets or in open air.



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