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Stay Alert is a spin-off of Total-e, a turnkey supplier of products and services for the event industry. Due to the coronavirus pandemic, our daily lives and many industries will soon be looking a bit differently.


Stay Alert uses its broad expertise, flexibility, diversity and hands-on mentality from its experience in the event industry to support different businesses in their reopening due to the coronavirus lockdown. Total-e has a lot of experience in building temporary installations, organising queues and pedestrian flows, and informing people. That is what Stay Alert is focusing on, because all of this will be necessary once businesses will be able to reopen in different phases and under certain circumstances after the lockdown in different countries. So have a look at our products and services to keep yourself, your business, your employees and your clients safe and healthy while visiting your store. 

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STAY COOL’s foundations consist of a unit which measures real-time temperature of passersby, which gives instructions and which contains hand sanitizer devices. That unit has been brought onto the market thanks to a Belgian company. The STAY COOL section offers different turnkey solutions that can be used at the entrance of shops, companies, offices, factories and events.


STAY CLEAN Washing your hands regularly is still the number one advice in the measures taken to fight the expansion of the coronavirus. The different pop-up and contactless solutions in this section offer the possibility to take these measures into account in an easy way.

STAY INFORMED Communication is key. That is why Stay Alert developed several visual information carriers to inform and prevent your employees, customers, clients, suppliers and other partners about the general and specific internal protective measures taken at your company due to the coronavirus.


Because of the social distancing rules, you might have to set up temporary rooms to be used as offices, dining areas, meeting rooms, waiting areas, classrooms or used for other means. The STAY SEATED section offers a selection of furniture to set up these rooms. The furniture only contains materials that are easy to maintain.


STAY CONNECTED creates a cosy pop-up room so that family members can meet each other in a safe place outside the nursing home or residential care center. This visitor room is furnished with easy maintenance materials and even the possibility to install an outdoor patio.

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